Construction and Advisory Services

Compass’s team are experts in development, planning, production engineering and operation of the Energy and Natural Resource projects.

With global and regional in-depth knowledge in all aspects of natural resources development, we unlock significant value for its clients and give insights and advice in the East African Energy market.

​Compass helps and advises at all levels in the Oil and Gas industry, from projects spanning from multinationals to small oil field services operations. ​Our experienced team can look at existing projects and propose solutions to drive asset performance while increasing cost management effectiveness.

As situations and challenges arise, Compass is there to help by proposing viable strategies and solutions to resolve or minimize impact.

Our services include:

our Integrated value network

Compass, through its subsidiaries and partners have built an Integrated Value Network of contractors, project managers and consultants to create a new era in Supply Chain management.   Season experts in project management and technical operations are brought together under this network to provide world class supply change services, specialising in Energy and Natural Resources developments.

Service delivery framework

A formal collaborative alliance-focused on delivery assurance through systems and process application throughout the scope profile

Key support documentation

Experience and Refined Services Provision based on collaboration principles and the effective application of key components in a supply chain that emphasizes alignment with delivery objectives

key strategic, tactical, and operational enablers

The key strategic, tactical and operational enablers - that impact upon collaborative supply chains, and the ability to deliver tangible service value where it is actually required, are well documented. Compass and its management team, and key personnel within our Partner’s organisations, understand the emphasis and are committed to developing and executing a collaborative framework with reliable, assured delivery as the key attribute.

Our Values

About our team

We are experienced international experts in Natural Resource and Energy project development and construction.

Our operational & experience profile spans across Africa and Asia, as well as Europe, the Middle East and beyond.

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Health Quality & Management

We believe in the practice of social responsibility and encourage similar behavior in our employees and suppliers.

We support the conservation of the physical environment and the prevention of pollution at our facilities.

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